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The most commonly performed power monitoring or logging study! Connected load studies are needed to determine whether new loads and breakers can be added to a panel. Most of you may know the measurements are based on collecting average amps data over 15-minute intervals, continuously recorded over 30-days. But there's more to it! The study is intended to determine the maximum connected load - consequently this study is often referred to as the "Connected Load Study". We'll show you how to take the 15-minute data and break it down into the required 3-hour data that is needed to find the maximum connected load, which is the basis for adding new loads. Conducting a NEC 220 Conducted Load Study accurately will go a long way to avoiding oversizing of panels and feeder conductors. We'll also recommend the right logger for this study, such as the Fluke 1730/1732 models. Connected-load-studies.jpg