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Equipment reliability can be affected by power disturbances. When that question arises it’s important to assess if power quality is “good or bad?” Such investigations can be protracted and expensive. The cellular modem-equipped POWERetc PQube 3 Pass-Thru is a unique and efficient tool for identifying power quality issues and energy use of sensitive electronic equipment - remotely. It gives field service groups the ability to respond to customer concerns swiftly, professionally and very economically. Instead of sending a technician, you just mail the PQube 3 Pass-Thru (PPT) to the troubled site. Thanks to the unit's cellular modem, unit setup, data gathering and report generation are all possible from your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. 

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 PQube 3 Pass-Thru — Live Example

The customer simply unplugs the equipment of concern from the wall and re-connects it into the PPT. Then, the PPT is plugged into the wall and it immediately begins monitoring. It catches any power disturbances (such as voltage sags and swells and transients). It records frequency deviations, harmonic distortion and conducted HF emissions. Plus, it measures energy and current, cycle-by-cycle, so equipment behavior (such as repetitive peak current inrush, and on/off duty-cycles) can be profiled. With its internal web-server and integral cellular modem, the PPT will automatically send you power data by email (logs, trend graphs, disturbance events, plus your choice of daily, weekly or monthly reports). No special software is needed.

The PQube 3 Pass-Thru auto-configures itself. But if changes are desired, simply send the PPT a command by email to change parameters and reports or to view parameters and waveforms on the fly. Field service engineer visits, plane trips and truck-rolls to trouble sites are time-consuming and expensive. Especially if multiple trips are needed to successfully set up monitors and retrieve data. Instead, send the PQube 3 Pass-Thru to the site. It will get you results that you can take action on to swifly resolve problems. The economics are compelling. It will pay for itself on its first job!