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Designed specifically for load studies, panel capacity, energy and power consumption studies, the Fluke 1736/38 models are versatile three-phase power loggers. The instrument comes with 3 Fluke 1730-iFlex® 1500 current probes, 150/1500 A range. 3000 Ampere and 6000 Ampere probes are also available. The 1736/38 model is equipped with wireless Fluke Connect.

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The Fluke 1736/38 Three-Phase Electrical Power Loggers are simplicity itself. Each has an easy-to-understand, uncluttered user interface to get you monitoring quickly. They each have a 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III safety rating. You can directly download data from the instrument to a USB stick. These 1736/38 models from Fluke provide you with the easy-to-understand data and graphs, using Fluke Energy Analyze Software, to take further action. They are an excellent choice for performing energy surveys, panel and load studies. With support from POWERetc you'll be assured of a successful monitoring project. We can train you on-line, and help with reports. 

With the 1736/38, you can:

  • Log RMS voltage and current. Plus watts, VA, VAr, power factor, Hz and kWh.Measure base-line current consumption on panels before adding new loads or breakers.
  • Easily discover when and where energy is being consumed in your facility, from the service entrance to the individual circuits
  • Compare multiple data points over time and build the complete picture of energy usage with Fluke Energy Analyze software package.
  • Quickly understand specific points of energy loss to reduce energy bills.