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Power Quality and Energy Instruments Available from POWERetc

POWERetc offers an extensive line of instruments from the most popular manufacturers including Fluke, Dranetz, Power Standards Lab and PROSyS.

If you are familiar with a particular product and you’re sure it can handle the task you have at hand, then just scroll down this list and select the product you want.

If, on the other hand, you are not sure what you need or want to explore alternatives, then we suggest you go to our selection guide where we will walk you through a series of basic questions to help you arrive at the right tool for your task.

Selection Guide


Equipment reliability can be affected by power disturbances. When that question arises it’s important to assess if power quality is “good or bad?” Such investigations can be protracted and expensive. The cellular modem-equipped POWERetc PQube 3 Pass-Thru is a unique and efficient tool for identifying power quality issues and energy use of sensitive electronic equipment - remotely. It gives field service groups the ability to respond to customer concerns swiftly, professionally and very economically. Instead of sending a technician, you just mail the PQube 3 Pass-Thru (PPT) to the troubled site. Thanks to the unit's cellular modem, unit setup, data gathering and report generation are all possible from your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. 

pdf.pngDownload PQube 3 Pass-Thru DataSheet
 PQube 3 Pass-Thru — Live Example

Trouble-shoot and analyze power quality anywhere and anytime

The PQube 3 Portable is a compact, lightweight, and self-powered unit designed for on the go temporary power analyzing measurement campaigns. It comes in a rugged case with everything you need for a quick and easy set-up. Simply unpack and connect the unit to view the health of the power system, either numerically or graphically, then share the data through screenshots, graphs, or reports. Its ideal for use in harsh environments and enables power professionals to quickly visualize, analyze, and pin-point power and energy disturbances by providing real-time actionable data. Chose the PQube 3 Portable to get fast, reliable, and accurate answers to tough power quality problems.


PQube 3 Rugged 

Optimized for remote monitoring of power, energy, and power quality, for indoor or outdoor locations. It is the most economical, and efficient way to monitor power  - no special software is needed. The PQube 3 Rugged is equipped with a built-in cellular modem. This time and labor saving feature allows for remote setup to be performed and reports to be sent automatically by email. It is ideal for field service organizations, engineering consultants, contractors, facility owners, and testing organizations to monitor and report on all aspects of power - for individual loads, or an entire plant. 


pdf.pngDownload PQube 3 Rugged DataSheet


PQube-3-Hands-e1509477073855.pngPQube 3 Power Analyzer

This compact instrument is simply the best power monitor and real-time sensor you can buy. 

It records every type of AC power disturbance – including 4 MHz sampling of impulses – and it is an IEC 61000-4-30, edition 3 Class A certified, ultra-precise revenue-grade energy meter. Monitor up to two three-phase loads, or eight single-phase loads with a single instrument.

It goes beyond AC power too. Records environmental data – such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, vibration, 3-axis acceleration – as well as process parameters, including torque, RPM, fuel level, water flow, and more. 

Easy to install, easy to use! Delivers ultra-precise results immediately to your inbox. 

pdf.pngDownload PQube 3 Power Analyzer DataSheet

The Right Tool for Conducting a Connected Load Study to Confirm Panel Capacity 

The METSyS Panel Capacity Analyzer (PCA) is a specially-designed instrument for measuring and recording 3- or 4-phase current to confirm the distribution panel's capacity in compliance with NFPA’s National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014 Article 220.87and meeting the requirements for uniform load calculations in accordance with the requirements of the California Electrical Code (CEC).

The METSyS PCA packaged with POWERetc's proprietary macro-based Excel spreadsheet provide users with the capability of conducting connected load studies of various lengths to meet specific regulatory requirements. This provides a definitive and documented result enabling electrical contractors and facilities engineers to quickly obtain electrical inspection approval when adding new loads to a panel. 

The process requires both the calculation of the average current over an extended period in order to confirm that - with planned load additions - will remain less than 80% of the breaker rating(s). In addition, the standard requires that MIN and MAX currents are also determined over the sampling period.

The METSyS logger samples every cycle using and 8-cycle "window" and calculates the average value of the 8-cycles.  These readings are accumulated for the user selected averaging period--10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m , 15m, 30m, 60m--and the average of the averages is saved as the average value for the period and the minimum and maximum sample are saved as the MIN/MAX values.  The PCA's MIN/MAX values are really a composite of 8-cycles which will result in understating the peak inrush, but is probably more reflective of levels that might cause breaker tripping problems.

pdf.pngDownload METSyS Current Monitor DataSheet

FLK_1730-12b-320.jpgAnalyze power quality issues, calculate the costs of wasted energy and prevent downtime with the Fluke 434-II Energy Analyzer and Fluke 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer.

pdf.pngDownload Fluke 430 Series II DataSheet
pdf.pngDownload Fluke 430 Series II Manual

Designed specifically for load studies, panel capacity, energy and power consumption studies, the Fluke 1730 models are versatile three-phase power loggers. The instrument comes with 3 Fluke 1730-iFlex® 1500 current probes, 150/1500 A range. 3000 Ampere and 6000 Ampere probes are also available. The 1730 model is equipped with wireless Fluke Connect.

pdf.pngDownload Fluke 1730 DataSheet
pdf.pngDownload Fluke 1730 English Manual

Designed specifically for load studies, panel capacity, energy and power consumption studies, the Fluke 1736/38 models are versatile three-phase power loggers. The instrument comes with 3 Fluke 1730-iFlex® 1500 current probes, 150/1500 A range. 3000 Ampere and 6000 Ampere probes are also available. The 1736/38 model is equipped with wireless Fluke Connect.

pdf.pngDownload Fluke 1736/38 DataSheet
pdf.pngDownload Fluke 1736/38 English Manual

Fluke 1750 3-Phase Event Recorder IOT enabled with cellular modem

Fluke's flagship power quality and energy monitor; shipped in hard case with voltage cables, and PC Software. This POWERetc exclusive special edition includes a built-in cellular modem! With this time and labor saving feature, you can configure the instrument, receive reports and download data to your computer without ever leaaving your office! 

This is all you need for a host of power quality and energy studies. It can be configured with your choice of clamp-on CT's or flexible current probes. Call us for advice for the best solution for your application.

Ask about two-week rates, local pickup too. We provide up to 2 hours consulting and training included in rental price.

pdf.pngDownload Fluke 1750 DataSheet
pdf.pngDownload Fluke 1750 English Manual
pdf.pngDownload Fluke Power Quality Brochure

The Dranetz HDPQ® Xplorer Plus (portable) power quality analyzer represents the top of the line in the Dranetz HDPQ Plus family of products. It is a true hand-held portable instrument with a built in 7″, tablet-like touch LCD display and is simply the best PQ monitor available from Dranetz. 

The POWERetc-exclusive package includes a complete set of voltage and current probes plus a cellular modem. Thanks to the modem, product setup and data gathering can all be made reotely. That means you’ll only need to go to the jobsite twice – once to install and once to take down. That’s a great economic benefit in any climate but even more valuable while we all strive to stay safe from COVID-19.


pdf.pngDownload HDPQ Explorer Plus Brochure